Windows Vista "Premium" to require hybrid hard drives?

Samsung Hybrid Hard Drive
Hybrid hard drives are one of the next improvements coming due for computer systems. As opposed to conventional hard drives, which use only magnetic disks for storage, the new hybrid hard drives will include both magnetic storage and flash memory buffers, for quicker access to some information and lower power consumption. But then again, if you've been following the site, I'm sure you know all that. When are we going to start seeing these things in the wild?

Well, the report we previously posted on hybrids mentioned that Microsoft would be building support for the hard drives into Vista, but as it turns out, these hybrid drives will actually be required for laptops that wish to boast the "Vista Premium" label . The restriction takes effect in June of next year, so one presumes hybrid hard drives will be pretty prevalent by that point. With lower power and faster speeds, what's not to love about these suckers? I'll take two.

[via Engadget ]

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