Wine Vac sucks to make sure your wine doesn't

Wine Vac
Oenophiles, rejoice! No more having to glug those bottles of wine when you first open them—there is a solution to keeping your wine fresh. Better yet, it's electronic and has a gee-whiz LCD screen.

Sharper Image is selling the Wine Vac for $34.95. This little device attaches to the top of a bottle of wine and sucks out the air via an electric vacuum pump, keeping your wine sealed and tasty. The LCD screen even tells you what temperature your wine is at, so you know when is the optimal time to crack the seal. Now you can just limit yourself to a glass or two—hey, stop rolling your eyes.

My dad actually has a rubber stopper and hand pump that accomplish roughly the same thing, but come on—that's so 20th century. Give me something that requires two AA batteries any day of the week.

[via Oh Gizmo! ]

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