World's first battery-powered manned plane takes regular AAs

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[J Mark Lytle of Digital World Tokyo wrote]: See that funky little plane up there? Hard to believe it may be, but it’s actually taken to the wide blue yonder powered by nothing more than commercial dry-cell batteries — regular double As in fact.

What was the world’s first manned flight powered by regular dry-cell batteries took place north of Tokyo at the weekend when Panasonic and Tokyo Institute of Technology got together to pack 160 AA Oxyride batteries into the aircraft.

The plane and its 63kg pilot were aloft for one second shy of a minute, covering 391.4m at a height of 5.2m at Okegawa Airport in Saitama. We’re glad to see they didn’t waste their holiday weekend altogether.

(Via Panasonic)

[Via Digital World Tokyo ]

Derik’s Thoughts: I’m still a little scared that the flight crew might fill my next flight with Rayovac instead of Duracell or Energizer. Now that would be a nightmare.

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