Xip3 is gear for those who love Transformers

We're going to introduce three revolutionary products today: a jacket, a backpack, and a pillow. Let's say that again: a jacket, a backpack, and a pillow. These aren't three products—this is one product. And we're calling it Xip3.

Sometimes convergence isn't a good idea. While the idea of a lightweight construction that serves as backpack, pillow, and jacket might seem enticing to your more outdoorsy folks, we technogeeks are far more practical: what happens if you want to sleep and wear a jacket, hm? Or what if you're backpacking and it starts to rain: what then, smarty jacket?

Sure, it might cut down on the amount of gear you need to carry, but sometimes three distinct functions are better served by three different things. Not quite sure about the price, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was three times more than buying all these things separately. You know, for convenience.

[via SCI FI Tech ]

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