You'll be on the edge of your, er, pan

Baker's Edge
The corners are the best part of a hot pan of brownies; I defy you to prove me wrong. Just a little crispier, with those rounded corners that make it easy to hold. But fights can break out over who gets these four coveted sections; hearts can be broken, families rent asunder.

The Baker's Edge wants us all to live in harmony. This special pan brags that it's all corners . While I'm not sure that that's accurate/physically possible, it does seem to at least increase the available corners by a factor of two. Which means, if my math holds, half as many fights. Or fights with half as many people, at least.

Made of aluminum with a non-stick coating, the Baker's Edge fits standard box mixes. Now, can they devise a ban determine to satisfy only those who love middles? I await their response eagerly.

[via Coolest Gadgets ]

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