You're in hot water; if that water is red, that is

Equa Light Delight
So, is innovation making us lazier? I'll let you know what I think, right after I set up my MacBook to write this post while I take a nap.

I've just come across the Light Delight range of water faucets made by an Italian company named Equa. Essentially, the faucet illuminates the water different colors depending on the water's temperature: red for hot, purple for warm, and blue for cold. My first thought was: hey, that's kind of a nifty idea. Why haven't we done that before?

My second, and much more angry thought was: just stick your hand under the water for a second, you lazy excuse for a hypothetical person. If it's too hot, add some cold water. If it's too cold, add some hot water. If it's warm, well, wash your face; it's filthy.

I'm not sure how much it costs to have pretty colors integrated with your tap water, but I'll say this: it's probably too much.

[via Popgadget ]

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