In the game of robot-scissors-staircase it's staircase beats robot

In spite of the coming robocalypse, I'm feeling pretty secure. Why? I live three stories up and those electronic buggers still have not mastered climbing stairs—they haven't even mastered the art of pretending to walk down stairs behind a couch. So, I ask you: who's afraid of a Dalek invasion, hm?

Honda's Asimo robot is no exception. At a recent event in Japan, the Asimo attempted to climb a set of seven stairs. It almost made it to number three before slipping and plummeting to faceplate-smashing doom. And luckily for robot-haters everywhere, the event made it to video. Thanks, intertube.

Of course, living on the third floor is no protection from robots slowly decimating my building from its foundations up. Or robots with jet packs. Or missiles. Crap. Sorry, Mr. Roboto, sir, did you want cream and sugar in that coffee?

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