In Japan, the television wears you

Toshiba 360 helmet
Sure, it's called the Xbox 360, but there's really nothing 360 about it. Wouldn't it be cool if you could see your television and games in 360° freedom? Think about it, you'd be totally immersed in your environment, experiencing it as if you were really ther—oh my god, it's eating her head .

Toshiba apparently has yet to figure out design aesthetics. This helmet is supposed to allow you to see 360° of video via its bubble-shaped screen, but it looks more like the person in question is wearing a CRT monitor on their head. There's no way that can be comfortable, is there?

Yeah, it would be cool to have a totally immersive experience, but I'd prefer to do it without breaking my neck, if that's okay. Thanks.

[via The Raw Feed ]

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