Send video to your television wirelessly

Princeton PCK-UAV
A lot of people use those FM transmitters for their iPods to broadcast music to a nearby radio, but what if you want to use your 5G iPod to send video instead? Up until now, it meant connecting a bunch of cables directly to your TV; but now, Princeton's showing off its PCK-UAV, which broadcasts video signals from anything plugged into its RCA jacks over the UHF band. So all you have to do is tune your TV to the right channel, and you can pick up videos or photos.

You can adjust the channel on which the PCK-UAV broadcasts (your choices are 45, 48, 50, and 53), and Princeton also throws in a 12v car adapter and A/V cables designed for use with the video iPod. Price isn't certain, but it looks to run around $69 when it's released later this month.

The only sad part of this is that you still need to connect to the transmitter with wires. Bummer.

[via Engadget ]

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