Scenemaker lets you splice and dice YouTube vids

As we mentioned the other day, YouTube added a QuickCapture feature that lets you record directly from their website. While this will no doubt result in the wild proliferation of of drunken shenanigans, those more careful and cautious videographers may be dismayed at the lack of any sort of editing capability.

That nice is being filled, but not by YouTube. Gotuit's Scenemaker offers YouTube integration both via its website and a toolbar. Paste in a YouTube URL, and Scenemaker loads up the video, offering you simple controls for cutting and splicing clips. It's not about to replace Final Cut Pro, or even iMovie, but it is a nice and easy way to edit YouTube videos without having to resort to witchcraft . You can also retag the video with your own keywords.

Videobloggers everywhere (and their watchers) thank you, Gotuit.

[via Lifehacker ]

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