Fugly video glasses are next killer app

Mirage Innovations video glasses
Mark my words: when the whole video glasses technology gets nailed, we're talking revolution . The one thing that I find lacking about portable video platforms is the existence of a comparable experience to headphones for audio. As much as I love my iPod with video, when it comes to the video experience, bigger is better.

Video glasses are nothing really new, but Israeli company Mirage Innovations has developed a technology they're calling NanoPrism, which simulates viewing a 40" screen from seven feet away. How does it work? Put on your propellor beanie.

Within the NanoPrism diffractive planar optics device, light emerging from the microdisplay source is collected by a lens and coupled into a thin transparent substrate via a nanoscale diffraction grating. The trapped light propagates within the substrate by internal reflection toward the viewer's eyes, producing a perfectly aligned image.

Meanwhile, Mirage seriously needs to convene a design board for these suckers. Some odd things have become fashionable over the years, but these look like a prop from the movies you see at 2AM on the Sci Fi channel.

[via Slashdot ]

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