Warner strikes music video, music rights deal with YouTube

Warner Music & YouTube
Looks like Warner Music Group has seen the light...that being the light reflecting off a big Scrooge McDuck-size pile of cash. The music label struck a deal with video site YouTube that will not only make YouTube a host for Warner's entire archive of music videos, but will also allow YouTube users to utilize Warner-owned music in their creations.

Say whaaaaaaa ? A record label that's actually encouraging fair use? Where's the catch?

I'm not sure whether or not you could call it a catch, but Warners will be taking a percentage of ad revenue from ads displayed on pages featuring videos with their music (enough prepositions for you?). But the bigger benefit to Warner is publicity . Think about it: all those videos using Warner-owned music?

Of course, consumers and fair use advocates have been saying this for years . But now that Warner's seen the light, we can only hope that the other records labels aren't far behind.

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