Watching Ads? That's Why I Have a TiVo

This just in: TiVo is offering a new service called TiVo Product Watch that allows you to find and watch extended commercials you want to see. The ads will range from a minute to an hour in length.

No, really.

The ironies are obvious, but there's some merit to the idea, if it's executed well. The enduring popularity of America's Funniest Commercials , ad-related film festival programming and short-film DVD compilations prove that when ads are entertaining, people are perfectly willing to sit through them. (And, of course, music videos are commercials for CDs and concerts.) So if you hear about a particularly good ad but you don't watch the network it's usually on, you might be able to TiVo it for yourself.

We'll be back with more Digital World after the break.

[ Emru Townsend, Digital World ]

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