Movielink download service now slightly less useless

The last time I mentioned Movielink ( over at MacUser ), I had awarded it the "Noggie" (aka the annual "Not Getting It" prize), for providing a service that catered to pretty much nobody. It appears that the forces behind the movie download service have taken one mini step towards eradicating that reputation by allowing users to burn copies of their downloaded movies to standard DVDs, then playable in any normal DVD player.

Unfortunately, the service is still overpriced, understocked, and extremely restrictive in terms of both rights and platforms supported. I find it pretty funny that the movie studios are worried about people downloading most of their movies: I've known more than a few people who simply rip everything they receive from Netflix to their computers. To quote one of my favorite (legally-owned) films: "they're digging in the wrong place!"

Update: Mere moments after posting this story, I read a piece on our sister site, Digital World, about Movielink competitor CinemaNow, which has also unveiled a download-to-burn feature. Spooky.

[via Ars Technica ]

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