AmbientClock warns you of impending events

Where does our love of all things clock stem from? Perhaps it's because, not unlike a casino or house of ill repute , Gadgetbox HQ is completely devoid of clocks. Right now, it could be four o'clock in the morning tomorrow , and I just wouldn't know.

While we've covered any number of physical clock devices, the Ambient Clock is something a little different. At the moment, it's merely a widget for your personalized Google Homepage that tells you what kind of events you have scheduled for the day. A series of dark bars indicates that you have an event scheduled during that period, while a series of dots tells you how much time you need to get to that event (via some clever use of Google Maps to calculate driving time). Likewise, the "backlight" of the clock tells you whether you have no events, imminent events, or are in the middle of an event right now.

It's a nifty little widget, and if it garners enough popularity, Ambient is considering making a physical standalone clock that can download your schedule from the Net. Very slick.

[via Lifehacker ]

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