Access Firefox's contextual menu via keyboard

I admit it, I’m a keyboard junkie—whenever possible, I prefer to use the keyboard over the mouse (which is one of the reasons I love Butler ). So I’m always on the lookout for undocumented keyboard shortcuts, like this one: If you’re a Firefox user, you can simulate a control-click (right click) to bring up the contextual menu by pressing Control-Space Bar. Using this trick, you can press the Tab key to move between elements on the page, and then press Control-Click to bring up a given element’s contextual menu.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite a perfect replacement for the control-click contextual menus. When used on a linked image, for instance, you won’t see the various image handling options (Save Image As, Send Image, etc.) that you get in the full contextual menu. Even with that caveat, however, I find this a useful shortcut for those times I just don’t want to reach for the mouse.

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