Playlist review round-up for March 23

In case you missed them, here are the most recent product reviews published by Playlist . (For a complete list of reviews, check out the Playlist Product Guide:


Altec Lansing inMotion iPod shuffle Adapter (

): Adapter for using first-generation iPod shuffles with inMotion speaker systems.

If you’ve got a first-generation shuffle and want to use it with a dock-connector speaker system, this gadget is worth a look.—DAN FRAKES

HandStands The Core (

): Headphone-cable manager.

If your thin cable fits, and you’re looking for a way to keep it under control, the Core is a decent option.—DF

Marware USB Travel Dock for iPod shuffle (

): Portable USB cradle for syncing and charging the second-generation iPod shuffle.

If you’re looking for a second (or a replacement) dock for your second-generation shuffle for home, the USB Travel Dock is a good choice and is cheaper than Apple’s.—DF

RadTech ProCable Second Generation iPod shuffle Charge/Sync (

): USB-plug adapter for second-generation iPod shuffle.

RadTech’s ProCable is easy to recommend: It’s small enough to always carry in your bag, and inexpensive enough that you can afford to keep one at home, as well.—DF

Speck Products TechStyle-Puck (

): Carrying case for second-generation iPod shuffle and headphones.

The Puck is a bit bulky compared to the shuffle itself, but the Puck’s size lets it accommodate most earbuds and canalbuds, as well as many in-each-canal headphones.—DF


Contour Design iSee nano V2 (

): Transparent polycarbonate case for second-generation iPod nanos.

If you’re looking for a protective and usable case that still shows off your nano to good effect, the iSee nano V2 is an excellent choice.—DAN MOREN

iSkin Duo for iPod nano (

): Silicone interior skin-case with plastic faceplate for second-generation iPod nanos.

The Duo is an excellent case that offers solid protection, a sleek eye-catching look, and a design that doesn't add a lot of bulk to your slim nano.—DM

Marware Slyder for iPod nano (

): Transparent polycarbonate hardshell case for second-generation iPod nanos.

The Slyder’s unique design will doubtless appeal to many, but the sliding mechanism may be more gimmick than greatness.—DM

Mophie Relo Base Case (

): Silicone case for second-generation iPod nano.

The Relo Base Case offers solid protection for a low price, but its biggest advantage over similar cases is its integration with the rest of Mophie’s line of accessories.—DM

Pacific Design Contour Sleeve (

): Leather case for iPod nanos.

The Contour Sleeve is a decent leather case, though not especially attractive or packed with features.—DM

• (

): Neoprene case with elastic armband for iPod nanos.

The Active Sport Lite is fine for those looking to consolidate their cases, but if you’re looking for a dedicated armband, Speck’s standard Active Sport is superior at the same price point; if you’re looking for a standalone neoprene case, you have any number of better options.—DM


Creative TravelDock 900 (

): Portable iPod speaker system.

Creative has designed a super-compact speaker that can fit in a jacket pocket or bag while still sounding good.—DF

mStation 2.1 Stereo Orb (

): Desktop iPod speakers.

The Orb produces generally good sound, offers an appealing feature set, and is well-made. And you’re unlikely to find another system that takes up this little space on your desk, or looks this good, and puts out comparable volume.—DF

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