The arrival of Apple TV may have been delayed by a month, but that hasn’t diminished the interest in the Apple set-top box that began shipping last week. We dive into Apple TV in this special edition of the Macworld Podcast to tell you what you need to know about this latest digital device.

To refresh your memory on the ins and outs of Apple TV, we start off with a clip of Steve Jobs’ Macworld Expo keynote detailing the device. Then, we talk to two Macworld editors who’ve spent an extensive amount of time testing Apple TV—senior news editor Jonathan Seff and senior editor (and regular podcast host) Christopher Breen.

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Show Notes

All of our coverage can be found on our Apple TV page. Pay particular attention to Chris’s Apple TV diary entries, which detail setting up the device, answering your questions, and examining what’s missing from this first release. Jon’s Apple TV contributions include a report on his briefing with Apple executives and a look at picking a high-definition television to run with Apple TV. (That article includes the glossary we mention during the podcast.)

Talking about Apple TV is great, but seeing it in action is even better. We post a Macworld Video on the Apple TV last week; you should also check out this video from our colleagues at PC World .

We’ll have a formal review of Apple TV on the Web site soon; we’ll also feature tips and tricks like this how-to on displaying Keynote and PowerPoint presentations via Apple TV.

Music Credits: Before immersing himself in all things Apple TV, Christopher Breen composed our new theme song. The last episode of the podcast details how.

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