Daystar offers G4 CPU upgrade for 1st-gen iMacs

Daystar Technology on Thursday announced the XLR8 400 MAChSpeed G4 IMTL Kit. The $99 kit enables you to upgrade your original iMac with a G4-class processor operating at 400MHz.

The new kit works with iMacs originally clocked at 233MHz - 333MHz (tray-loading iMacs). The processor itself will work with all versions of Mac OS X, but Daystar notes that because of these older systems’ lack of a FireWire interface, the third-party “XPOSTFACTO” enabler software must be installed in order to install Mac OS X v10.4 “Tiger” or the upcoming “Leopard” release.

The upgrade is user-installable and takes about 30 minutes to put in, according to daystar. All parts and instructions are included, and the upgrade requires no firmware changes in order to activate. It also includes Daystar’s XLR8 MAChSpeed Control software.

This story, "Daystar offers G4 CPU upgrade for 1st-gen iMacs" was originally published by PCWorld.

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