Original Lego Star Wars game gets Universal patch

While Feral Interactive is busy putting the finishing touches on Lego Star Wars II, Aspyr Media announced Wednesday that it has released a free Universal binary patch enabling the original Lego Star Wars to run natively on Intel-based Macs.

The first Lego Star Wars game was released prior to Apple’s introduction of Intel-based Macs, published in the summer of 2005. Like its newer sibling, it’s a 3D action adventure game featuring Star Wars characters and scenery made of Lego building blocks — a family-friendly title that’s rated E for Everyone by the ESRB.

While the new game focuses on the events in the original trilogy, Lego Star Wars is set in period portrayed by the second trilogy of Star Wars films — Episodes I, II and III, in other words (hey, blame George Lucas for shooting them out of order).

You get to play as the characters from the movies — Anakin Skywalker, Darth Maul, Yoda, General Grievous and more — you control over 30 different characters from the films. Lego Star Wars sports two-player cooperative play, Skywalker Sound-made audio effects and a “free play” mode that lets you play any unlocked characters whenever you like.

The patch, called Lego Star Wars 1.0 Rev A, measure 4.71MB.

This story, "Original Lego Star Wars game gets Universal patch" was originally published by PCWorld.

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