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I received my Apple TV this week and immediately set out to get the device hooked up to my television. I should have set it up somewhere other than in my home theater room because as soon as it was done, my kids were like vultures with fresh meat.

The setup was relatively easy, except for my stupidity of not using lowercase for my AirPort Extreme password. Little did I know that would be the least of my problems.

As soon as it was setup and synced with all my treasured Zakk Wylde and Ozzy Osbourne music, videos and concerts, I started playing. And typical for me, I played it loud—all that did was alert the vultures that their time had come.

“Hey Dad, what are you doing?” my 11-year-old son asked.

“I just setup the Apple TV,” I said.

“Cool. What can you do with it?” he asked.

At this point I should have said, “Nothing much—go do your homework.— But I didn’t. I explained to Michael that the Apple TV could stream music from my computer to the home theater. What’s more, it can also play all of the concert videos I have stored downstairs on my server.

That was another terrible mistake on my part.

“How do you do that?” he asked.

So, being a good father, I showed him how to switch between iTunes libraries. When he asked if his library could connect to the Apple TV, I said, of course and promptly did it. Because I am obviously not to bright, I did the same for his sister and my wife.

And with that, I lost control of my new toy.

I was watching television last night and had to make a quick call—when I got back, someone else’s album covers floating on the screen (the Apple TV screensaver) and Zakk Wylde was blasting from the speakers.

“Mike, I was watching TV,” I said.

“This is really cool, Dad. Check this out,” he replied, ignoring what I just said. He went on to change some options and switch iTunes libraries with ease.

I got up this morning to the same thing. Michael was eating his breakfast, the Apple TV was on and I was relegated to letting the dog out.

The kids have to go to school today, so I’ll get a few hours with the Apple TV before the vultures come home.

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