Kdb+ financial database comes to Mac OS X

Kx Systems, developers of the Kdb+ database, announced Tuesday that they’re offering a Mac OS X-compatible version of their relational database software. Kdb+ is used in the financial market; it’s designed for high-performance data management and analysis.

Kx Systems CTO Simon Garland said the effort was the direct result of increasing requests from Kdb+ developers at leading global financial firms.

“IT departments are looking for maintainable performance, and Macintosh servers are simple to administer. Kdb+ doesn’t need a raft of clusters and grids in order to deliver millisecond query response times. New customers are often surprised by how much they can accomplish using our software with a single processor,” said Garland.

Kdb+ includes a streaming event processor and 64-bit in-memory and on-disk database. The technology is used for database and application development that depends on high-speed, real-time access to historical data used for analysis. It’s also available for Linux, Windows and Solaris operating systems.

This story, "Kdb+ financial database comes to Mac OS X" was originally published by PCWorld.

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