Quickly set Remote Desktop capabilities

If you work with Apple’s Remote Desktop desktop management package, here’s a quick box-clicking time-saver for you. As you probably know, you set up each user on a client machine via the Sharing System Preferences panel—click Apple Remote Desktop and then click the Access Privileges button. Check the On box next to each user you wish to authorize, and then decide which of 10 separate capabilities you’d like that user to have.

Each of the 10 options—generate reports, open and quit all applications, change settings, etc.—has its own checkbox. If you’re setting up five machines with six users on each machine, you’re looking at 300 mouse clicks to grant everyone all privileges!

So here’s the timesaver: instead of just clicking the On checkbox next to a given user, hold down the Option key and then click On. When you do, all 10 of that user’s capabilities will be automatically activated. Repeat the process, and you’ll disable all 10 capabilities, as well as remove that user’s access. This is a much faster way to enable all (or even most—just uncheck those you don’t wish to allow) features for Remote Desktop users.

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