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The readers of this blog are some of the savviest Mac users around and, because they are, they often suggest enhancements to entries in this blog. I’d like to take this opportunity to pass along some of these great suggestions.

Export podcast to AIFF

Recently I outlined a method for exporting GarageBand podcasts as AIFF files rather than as compressed MPEG-4 or MP3 files—suggesting that one simply needs to delete the podcast track and GarageBand will export to iTunes in AIFF format.

Podcast maven, Adam Christianson, who hosts the ever-so-tasty Maccast podcast points out that there’s an easier (and less destructive) way. Simply hiding the podcast track will do the trick.

Just select that podcast track at the top of GarageBand’s window and choose Track -> Hide Podcast Track. As the command implies, the podcast track will disappear. When it does, the Send Podcast to iTunes command changes to Send Song to iTunes, which is the hint that the file will be sent in AIFF format.

When you want your podcast track back again, just choose Track -> Show Podcast Track.

Spam filtering via Gmail

In response to my recent entry about avoiding spam, MacUser.com’s Derik DeLong suggested a method I hadn’t considered: Use Gmail’s filters. In his forum post he writes:

Create a completely private address that you don’t give to anyone. Then create a public one that you forward to a Gmail account. Have that Gmail account forward all email to your private address.

The benefits are twofold. First, you get a first rate spam filter (I’ve found to to be pretty accurate). Second, you’ve now got an archive of all your email. Even if you manage to lose your mail archive, you can at least look it up again.

Displaying presentations via Apple TV

While I was sequestered with my Apple TV, Macworld’s Chief Gemologist, Dan Frakes, sat in and offered two techniques for displaying presentations on an Apple TV. Since that entry, Michael Zapp updated his $18 iPresent It utility to support the Apple TV. Using iPresent It you can automate much of what Dan wrote about.

Like previous versions, the latest iPresent It will convert slides from Keynote and PowerPoint presentations (as well as PDF files) into standalone graphics files. These files are then saved to your iPhoto library in an album created by iPresent It. Simply sync this album to your Apple TV and then follow Dan’s instructions for displaying them.

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