MacLockPick makes extracting passwords easier has released MacLockPick, a tool developed for forensics investigators who need access to Mac that are password protected. It’s priced starting at $399.95.

MacLockPick is not for sale to the general public — it’s been made specifically for law enforcement professionals. Based on a USB flash drive, the software extracts data from the Apple Keychain and system settings. A database of the suspect computer’s information is compiled on the flash drive as well, which can be read by log readers on Macs or other systems.

MacLockPick can extract a user password, passwords for encrypted disk images, Wi-Fi base stations, iTunes Store, iChat, Apple Remote Desktop, login and password details for Web sites, e-mail accounts, peer to peer networks, online services, auction sites and .Mac accounts, AppleShare and more. It can also provide information on files and folders on the target system, instant messaging account information, Web history, recently used applications and hardware preferences.

Purchasers will be required to demonstrate proof that they are licensed law enforcement professionals in order to buy MacLockPick; they’re required to ensure that the technology will be used legally on federal, state and local levels.

System requirements call for Mac OS X v10.3 or later.

This story, "MacLockPick makes extracting passwords easier" was originally published by PCWorld.

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