Goozex game trading site adds Mac titles

Goozex, a video game trading Web site, has recently opened its doors to Mac users. Goozex already offers trading services for PC and video game console users, available throughout North America.

Goozex was launched in July, 2006 by three college friends who were tired of getting taken advantage of by used video game stores that offer low trade-in prices for games, then turn around and sell the same games for a markedly higher fee. Their solution was to create Goozex as a way to facilitate online trading instead.

“Being a long-time supporter of Mac, I really welcomed this addition. Not only Mac users can now save money by getting games for only $1, but also they get access to a potentially vast inventory of used Mac games throughout North America,” said Valerio Zanini, Goozex’s CEO.

Goozex is billed as a “peer-to-multi-peer trading company.” The service is based on an automated point system, and to date it’s racked up more than 10,000 completed trades.

After you sign up for a free account, you can enter your games into your Goozex library to make them available for trade. Goozex attempts to connect you with other users who have requested your game; you can then accept or decline to mail your game to the other user. Goozex provides a 100 percent guarantee policy on all transactions, as well, so there’s no risk to the participants.

If you agree to mail the game, you then receive points from that transaction. Users pay a $1 per transaction fee, and the games they’re selling are assigned a point value based on supply and demand. Goozex points are the system’s internal currency — you can then browse the network to purchase games using the points you’ve acquired.

To entice Mac gamers to sign up, Goozex is offering a promotional coupon code, “mac-trader,” that will provide five free trades (the $1 transaction fee is waived) if used before August 2007.

This story, "Goozex game trading site adds Mac titles" was originally published by PCWorld.

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