We turn our attention in this latest video to spam, that obnoxious junk mail nobody wants even as it continuously clogs up our inbox. I’ve got some tips for keeping spam at bay, including filtering techniques you can use within your e-mail client and third-party utilities that will reduce the flow of spam.

And we’ll wrap things up with a few important “Don’ts” when it comes to dealing with spam.

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Show Notes

The June 2007 issue of Macworld now shipping to subscribers and coming soon to a newsstand near you features a round-up of spam fighters. Among the third-party programs profiled in this piece is C-Command’s $30 SpamSieve, which I also talk about in the video.

If you’re interested in more spam-stopping tips, review Joe Kissell’s Working Mac column from our April 2007 issue. I’ve written an explainer on how spam busters work.

And you can stay on top of the latest in spam-fighting technology by bookmarking our E-Mail and Internet topic page.

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