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Why move to Aperture?

Aperture blows iPhoto away when it comes to photo-management and image-adjustment capabilities. But those aren’t the only reasons to upgrade.

Alterations with Abandon When you modify an image, Aperture doesn’t alter the original. Instead, its library stores information about your edits, so you can create multiple versions of an image without losing much disk space.

Picture Stacks Aperture’s picture stacks let you group related shots under one image, so instead of looking at eight nearly identical pictures of your family reunion, you see only the best one. To stack a group of photos, select them and choose Stacks: Stack.

Group Changes The Lift & Stamp tools let you apply universal changes, such as image adjustments or keywords, to a batch of photos. For example, to crop a group of photos to 5 by 7 inches, crop one image, select the Lift tool in the toolbar (your cursor will become an up arrow), and click on the image’s thumbnail. Deselect any edits you don’t want to transfer. Then click on the other photos you want to crop (the cursor should now look like a down arrow).

Custom Books While iPhoto books are limited to certain page designs, Aperture gives you control over your page layouts. Create a new book (File: New: Book), pick a theme, and then select a page. Use the Book Layout Editor’s tools to resize and move photo and text boxes. Or highlight a page, click on the triangle that appears next to it, and choose the blank master page to start from scratch.

Smarter Backups Aperture’s Vault feature provides one-click backups. Select a project and choose Add Vault from the Vault Actions pop-up menu (in the Vaults panel under your projects). Specify the drive you want to store it on. To initiate a backup, click on the Vault Status button next to the vault’s name.

[ Senior Contributor Jim Heid is the author of The Macintosh iLife ‘06 (Peachpit Press, 2006) and its Web site. ]

Better Books: Aperture gives you full control over a book’s layout.
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