It’ll be another month before Mac developers gather in the Bay Area to hear the latest Leopard news at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference. But Apple hosts another gathering this week at its Cupertino, Calif., headquarters where matters of a different nature are on the agenda.

The company’s annual shareholders meeting takes place this Thursday, and, in this episode of the Macworld Podcast, my colleagues Philip Michaels and Jim Dalrymple offer a preview of topics that might come up when Apple’s shareholders get together.

But this podcast installment isn’t all business—I’m also joined by Kelly Turner to talk about Macworld’s latest electronic book, Macworld Apple TV Superguide , coming soon to a PDF reader near you.

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Show Notes

Before we get to the interviews, I talk a little bit about the delayed ship date for OS X 10.5 in order to get the iPhone out the door by its scheduled June ship date. My take: The first step in entering an important market like mobile phones is to make sure to hit whatever ship date you announce. (My colleague Peter Cohen had an interesting opinion on this very topic last month at I also talk about Steve Jobs’ open letter on Apple’s environmental policies. Last week, Jobs outlined some of Apple’s plans for expanding recycling efforts and eliminating or reducing the use of chemicals in its products. Among the changes announced by the Apple CEO: introducing Macs with LED backlight technology this year.

The environment comes up in our discussion on Apple’s shareholder meeting. A proposal on removing hazardous chemicals from Apple products is on the agenda, as is another motion on stock-option rules. That latter motion comes about in the wake of the stock-option backdating investigation involving Apple; Phil and Jim talk about how a proxy advisory firm has told its clients to withhold support from Apple board members at the shareholders meeting as a result of the investigation.

Of course, we’re hoping to get some hints at products during the shareholder session. Phil and Jim note that at last year’s meeting, Steve Jobs touted Apple’s product pipeline, including a product that turned out to be the Apple TV.

Speaking of Apple TV, you can get your hands on our 57-page book offering set-by-step instructions for hooking up the device, connecting to a home network, and getting content from your computer to the Apple TV. Be sure to visit our Superguides page to see our full selection of electronic offerings on topics such as the iPod, digital photography, and Mac Basics.

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