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Have you ever wanted to create an image file from one or more Keynote slides? You can, of course, use Keynote’s File -> Export menu to do this, but it may be overkill if you only want a slide or two. Instead of using the Export menu, try this instead: select any slide in the Slides column of Keynote’s interface, and then drag the selected thumbnail image to your desktop.

When you release the mouse, the system will create a clipping file containing a PICT version of the chosen slide—you’ll find the file on your Desktop, hiding behind its clever Picture clipping name. Clipping files can be used directly in programs such as Word or TextEdti—just drag the clipping into an open document window.

You can also convert the clipping to a real image file. Open the clipping in the Finder by double-clicking on the Picture clipping file, and then press Command-C to copy the clipping. Switch to Preview and press Command-N, and your clipping will be opened as a new image file. Use File -> Save As to save your picture anywhere you like (use the Format pop-up menu to change from PICT to some other format, if you prefer).

Unfortunately, this works only on one slide at a time. You can’t select three slides, for instance, and create three clipping files with one drag-and-drop operation. If you have a lot of slides to export to images, then Keynote’s own Export menu item is a better solution. But for quick one-take conversions of Keynote slides, it’s tough to beat this drag-and-drop solution.

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