Skype 2.6 touts Mac-only features

Skype on Wednesday announced the final release of Skype 2.6 for Mac. The VOIP communication software was previously available to Mac users as a public beta. It’s free to download and use for Skype-to-Skype communication; the company also sells plans that enable you to send and receive calls from landlines and cell phones.

Skype 2.6 for Mac is a Voice Over IP (VOIP)-based communication software application that supports text messaging, audio and video chat. Using SkypeIn and SkypeOut service, you can send and receive calls to and from conventional telephone land lines and cell phones, use voicemail and more.

New to the 2.6 release is a feature unique to the Mac version: Call Transfer, which allows you to transfer an ongoing call to another Skype user on your contact list.

Other enhancements to the 2.6 release provide feature-parity with other platforms, such as the ability to join public chats, a chat typing indicator that shows you when others are writing a message, Skype Prime service, automatic updates, and DTMF tones for automatic answering services.

Skype 2.6 for Mac also improves the way Skype handles birthday reminders and other notifications.

Skype 2.6 for Mac requires Mac OS X v10.3.9 or later and a broadband Internet connection.

This story, "Skype 2.6 touts Mac-only features" was originally published by PCWorld.

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