Second Life to add atmospheric rendering

Linden Lab, makers of the virtual world software Second Life, on Monday announced the acquisition of graphics technology from Windward Mark Interactive. The technology will work across both PC and Mac platforms, according to a statement from Linden Lab.

The technology includes WindLight’s eponymous atmospheric rendering technology and Nimble, a realistic 3D cloud simulator. Both technologies with be open sourced by Linden Lab, and will be integrated into the Second Life Viewer software in order to provide Second Life users with more realistic environmental and atmospheric conditions.

The technology makes it possible to imitate the way that atmospheric conditions such as dust and moisture affect light and the way physics affects the composition, movement and shape of clouds.

Windward Mark Interactive is continuing to develop an online game called Alliance; this news doesn’t affect that development.

This story, "Second Life to add atmospheric rendering" was originally published by PCWorld.

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