SoundTech offers LightSnake iChat multimedia headset

SoundTech Professional Audio on Tuesday introduced the LightSnake iChat, a Mac and PC-compatible multimedia headset designed to work with voice applications. It costs $29.99.

The LightSnake iChat features SoundTech’s “Live when Lit” technology, which glows and flashes when sound is being transmitted. Unlike bulkier multimedia headsets that use cups over the ears and a boom mic positioned in front of the user’s mouth, the iChat sports an earbud-style design and an inline microphone on the cord, integrated into a lapel clip which also features volume up and down controls. It plugs into an available USB port.

The LightSnake iChat works with multimedia applications, Voice over IP (VoIP) software, games, online conferencing, voice commands and online voice chat applications, according to SoundTech. It also incorporates a 1/8th-inch stereo plug, so you can use it as a regular set of headphones if you wish.

System requirements call for Mac OS 9.0.4 or later, including Mac OS X.

This story, "SoundTech offers LightSnake iChat multimedia headset" was originally published by PCWorld.

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