Apple has a new line of updated MacBooks, and we’ve got the benchmarks. We dive into the numbers in this episode of the Macworld Podcast in a roundtable discussion featuring editorial director Jason Snell, executive editor Philip Michaels, Macworld Lab director James Galbraith, and senior news editor Jonathan Seff.

In addition to this roundtable, which covers not only the new MacBooks but also the upcoming iPhone and Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, I also talk to Dan Wood of Karelia Software. Long-time Mac users will remember Dan as the creator of the much-mourned Watson; he’s also the creator of the Web site creation tool Sandvox. I talk to Dan about Sandvox and how it feels to develop in a space that Apple might enter.

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Show Notes

Our round-up of the week’s news covers the class-action suit alleging that Apple has misrepresented the amount of colors its laptops can display. Be sure to read Jason Snell’s commentary on the matter. I also talk about and the music industry’s efforts to shut it down.

Moving on to the MacBook discussion, take a gander at Macworld Lab’s benchmarks for the new laptops. Philip Michaels mentions the “Santa Rosa” upgrade of Intel’s Centrino laptop chipset during the discussion; here’s his immediately-proven-wrong prediction about how that technology might get incorporated into the Mac platform.

Our roundtable discussion also covers last week’s announcement that the iPhone won FCC approval as well as an erroneous Web site report about the iPhone that sent Apple’s stock tumbling.

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