Pixelmator leverages graphics chip to edit images

The Pixelmator Team has announced its eponymous software Pixelmator, which it describes as a GPU-powered image editor for Mac OS X. The software will be released in late July for $59.

Pixelmator leverages Core Image and OpenGL technologies, both of which utilize the Mac's video processor (GPU) to work more quickly. The software uses open source code as well, and provides color correction tools, layers-based image editing, painting, selection, retouching and navigation tools.

Pixelmator also uses the built-in iSight camera available on newer Mac models for its "New Layer from iSight" feature, which adds an iSight "snapshot" as a layer in composition.

Automator, Apple's point-and-click workflow automation software, is also supported. Pixelmator actions in Automator let users enhance, resize and transform images, add special effects and more.

Pixelmator will support more than 100 different file formats, and comes with more than 16 color correction tools and 50 Core Image-based filters, transform tools, .Mac support, Dashboard support and more.

This story, "Pixelmator leverages graphics chip to edit images" was originally published by PCWorld.

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