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Speed. It’s always about speed. Fifty-five mph wasn’t good enough, now we can go 65, 70, 75 or more (Montana!). On the computing front, 14.4 modems have given way to DSL, cable modems, and fiber to the premises (FTTP). Still, we’re always looking for more. Unfortunately, this tip won’t help you get any more speed from your existing connection. But it will help you see how well you’re using that speed when downloading items from the iTunes Store.

As you know, when you download something from Apple’s digital media store, you can see how the download is progressing by looking at the Downloads line in the Store section of the iTunes window. The Downloads section shows each download on its own line, along with a progress bar and estimated download time remaining. But what if you’re detail oriented, or you suspect you’re having a bandwidth issue of some sort? The actual speed of the download might then be more useful to you, as opposed to the estimate of minutes remaining. Well, with the click of the mouse, you can get just that:

To switch to the alternate view, click the progress bar. Each time you click it, the display will toggle between the default minutes remaining view (top) and the download speed (bottom). (Safari used to work this way, but now shows both download speed and time remaining in the same line; hopefully the iTunes Store will follow suit with a future update.)

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