A possible fix for slow iTunes search box typing

Have you noticed that iTunes is lagging somewhat when you’re typing in its search box? If so, here’s a simple tip that might, just might, solve the problem: hide the browser (View -> Hide Browser) before you start searching.

Now, for many of you, you won’t see any difference at all (and you probably haven’t noticed any lagging while typing in the search box). That’s probably because you’ve got a newer Mac, and/or you have a smaller iTunes library. But if you happen to have an older Mac, and a large collection of songs, then you should notice a definite improvement.

An acquaintance of mine was seeing delays on the order of a half-second or so between keypresses in the search box. After he disabled the iTunes browser, the delay in typing in the search box vanished.

As I have a relatively small library on a somewhat speedy machine, I haven’t seen this issue (so I can’t confirm the fix works, either). But if you’ve got an old Mac and a large library, it’s probably worth a shot.

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