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Do you have something to sell on eBay but don’t feel like learning the process of listing items from scratch? Equinux’s iSale 4.1 distills the complexity that can come with eBay auctions into a familiar and intuitive interface. The program is integrated with Apple’s Spotlight, iCal, Dashboard, and iPhoto, as well as the iSight camera, and it’s easy to learn.

iSale presents you with an interface composed of auction groups—draft, running, and completed—with thumbnails of each item for sale. The program provides a place for you to create, edit, and view your own auctions without using your Web browser. This workspace gives you a simple, single view, which is much easier to deal with than navigating multiple eBay Web pages.

iSale has several templates you can use for your auction, and more are available for free from Equinux’s Web site. With iSale, you can use keywords to search completed eBay auctions—yours and others—and then import the text and pictures from an auction into a template of your choosing for your own auction. This streamlines the listing process for auctions that might have numerous features or specifications you would otherwise have to add manually. You can access iSight and iPhoto from within iSale to get instant pictures for your auction. You can also crop and resize the pictures.

iSale also supports Google’s Picasa Web album service. This free photo hosting service can save you on fees that are normally associated with storing a picture for use in your eBay auction.

Once your auction is ready, iSale checks each section of it for mistakes that could interrupt the listing process. iSale will also keep track of the different types of eBay fees that are associated with listing an auction, and it can provide you with a cost analysis before you upload your auction to eBay. You can easily become proficient at listing auctions with iSale, but the program’s inability to process or change multiple auctions simultaneously prevents it from being a viable tool for people who list hundreds or thousands of auctions. Once you submit your listings to eBay, you can track them from within iSale, or by viewing your auctions’ beginning and end dates in iCal. There is also an included iSale widget for viewing the progress of your auctions.

After auctions are completed, iSale still proves useful by keeping track of the winner’s contact information, which can be imported into Apple’s Address Book for future use.

Macworld’s buying advice

iSale 4.1 is a good program for beginning to intermediate eBay sellers. Its strength comes from its easy-to-use interface and tight integration with Apple software. However, high-volume eBay sellers may find that the program’s bulk-processing limitations slow down the listing process.

[ Tony Bojorquez is a freelance technology writer based in the San Francisco Bay area .]

iSale lets you find out how much your auction listing will cost before you submit it to eBay.iSale shows you what your current auction looks like without going to eBay.
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