First Look: Leopard preview: What's new in OS X 10.5

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What it is: When Tiger was unleashed in 2005, Apple updated its in-house browser to Version 2. Leopard will get the same treatment with a brand new version of Safari. The difference? This time, the update is available in beta form from Apple’s Web site.

What’s changed: A dramatically improved Find command finds text on a page via a method that’ll be familiar to anyone who’s watched game highlights on SportsCenter : the Spot Shadow. When you search for text in Safari, the entire Web page darkens, except for the text that you’re searching for. The current selection pops up when you find it, all in orange—you can’t miss it.

The last major version of Safari added support for multiple tabs in a window; with this version you can drag those tabs around to rearrange them. (It’s also easier to save those tabs to a bookmark and re-open your tabbed window if you accidentally close it.) Text boxes on forms are now resizable, which will make people who post in online forums very happy. A semi-transparent inline PDF control in the browser lets you zoom in and out, save a PDF file, or open a file in Preview from within Safari.

And if you’re a Windows user, well, the whole thing will be new to you—Safari 3 joins the ranks of Apple’s cross-platform applications by running on Windows.

The new Find command in Safari 3

We’ve got much more on Safari 3’s new features in a first look at the beta, as well as this video tour of the updated browser.—JASON SNELL

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