We tackle not one, but two Burning Questions in this episode of the Macworld Podcast. First, do the changes introduced in Apple’s recent MacBook Pro updates mean you should upgrade your laptop? And then, which program offers better control of your digital photos— Apple’s Aperture or Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom ?

To address the first question, Macworld.com executive editor Philip Michaels talks to Lab director James Galbraith about our MacBook Pro benchmarks tests and review. To answer the second, I speak with Macworld editor-at-large Rick LePage about his recent feature article comparing Aperture and Lightroom.

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Show Notes

In my riff on the news, I cover the Apple TV software update released Wednesday that adds YouTube compatibility not just to Apple’s set-top box, but also to the forthcoming iPhone. (Read my first look at YouTube videos on Apple TV.) I talk about this week’s other bit of iPhone news—that Apple announced improved battery life for its mobile phone, which is set to ship next week. Be sure to check out Apple’s updated iPhone gallery while you contemplate the M:Metrics report that 19 million Americans are interested in buying the iPhone.

Our MacBook Pro discussion focuses on the benchmarks for both the 15-inch and 17-inch models. You’ll also want to check out our MacBook Pro review.

Read Rick LePage’s July 2007 article The new digital darkroom as well as our reviews of both Aperture and Lightroom.

Music Credits: I composed the still-untitled Macworld Podcast theme song.

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