Adobe Premiere Express comes to YouTube,

Adobe’s Premiere Express is a free Web-based video editing and “remixing” technology that the company introduced earlier this year with Photobucket, the photo sharing service. Now it’s being used on the YouTube and Web sites, as well.

Premiere Express leverages Adobe’s Flash 9 technology, and doesn’t require any additional plug-ins or special software downloads to work. As a result, it works on both Mac OS X and Windows platforms.

YouTube reveals the technology on its TestTube site, where YouTube users can edit and assemble videos and publish remixes to YouTube. It’s also being used at as part of a contest where users can remix Kelly Clarksons new music video, Never Again — the winner gets a chance to play their music video remix on the MTV network. Photobucket users have been using Premiere Express since February to create video remixes and slideshows.

This story, "Adobe Premiere Express comes to YouTube," was originally published by PCWorld.

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