Apple released a mobile phone Friday. You might have read something about that.

We’re all over the iPhone in this special late-night edition of the Macworld Podcast, discussing all the happenings from launch day. Besides my roundtable discussion with senior news editor Jonathan Seff and executive editor Philip Michaels, we hear from senior editor Rob Griffiths and Daring Fireball’s John Gruber, who call into the show on their brand new iPhones. Aaron Freedman, of MacUser fame, also files a report from the streets of New York, where he attended the iPhone launch at Apple’s Fifth Avenue store.

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Show Notes

Any and all iPhone coverage can be found at our iPhone topic page. In particular, you should look at our iPhone FAQ and Shawn King’s first impressions of the iPhone.

We mention the troubles Jim Dalrymple and Dan Moren had with getting their iPhones to work (though, obviously, Rob Griffiths’ phone works just fine).

You can read more about iPhone launch events—including Aaron Freedman’s report from New York—in our coast-to-coast coverage of launch day.

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