Frameline 2.0 adds MPEG-7 asset management

Versatile Delivery Systems announced the release of Frameline 47 version 2.0, the newest of the company’s video asset management software.

Designed to cut up videos into segments and then comment the segments with tags, the new version generates both MPEG-7 compliant XML metadata, media and creates special ‘self-describing’ .mp4 container files called MPEG-47.

Frameline 2.0 also provides some interface changes and a new Purpose Mode that provides instant access to every Video Clip on a users system.

The application is also fully integrated with both Final Cut Pro and Avid Non-Linear Editing systems. The application can be used as a Video logging tool with the benefit that all the logs can be stored, reused & repurposed, according to the company.

Frameline 47 version 2.0 costs $299 and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.

This story, "Frameline 2.0 adds MPEG-7 asset management" was originally published by PCWorld.

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