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iFamily for Tiger 2.2

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iFamily for Tiger 2.2 is a sophisticated genealogy program that allows you to gather and organize information about your family in an easy-to-navigate, two-paned window. The top half of the window displays your family chart, with up to six levels of generational information. The bottom half of the window allows you to display and edit all the information about any individual you select in the upper half. A button bar, located just below the bottom pane, allows you to quickly jump between 12 different viewing and editing options.

Creating new entries for family members is as simple as clicking on one of the empty boxes that appear in your family chart and then entering the person’s name and gender. If you have more details, you can use the bottom half of the window to type in birth, death, and marriage information, as well as a variety of other family tidbits such as children, source information for data you’ve collected, and photos from your iPhoto library. The program currently provides no support for video files.

iFamily automatically saves any information you enter into the database, but when you use the family chart to input data, you must press the enter key to save the information you’ve added. That means you can’t enter information and then use the tab key or your mouse to move to the next field. In that regard, data entry is a little less intuitive than it should be. Similar data-entry oddities turned up as I was using the program. For example, when I entered a date formatted as Month Day, Year (August 21, 1945) the program generated an error stating that I’d entered the date incorrectly. However, using the same format but abbreviating the name of the month didn’t cause any problems.

The program has an excellent search tool that lets you find anything you need in the database. It even generates results from single letters to help you find people in your database. So you can type the letters

g n b
in the search field, and the program will return a list of all the individuals in your database whose names contain those letters. The program also has several reporting tools, including one that calculates life-span information for your entire family.

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iFamily for Tiger 2.2 provides a simple interface to create and edit your family data, includes great search tools, and integrates well with iPhoto. While some odd data-entry options make the program less than perfect, iFamily for Tiger is an excellent program for collecting and managing your family history.

Jeffery Battersby is a regular contributor to Macworld . You can read his blog at

iFamily for Tiger simplifies the process of charting your family history by keeping all your information in one, easy-to-navigate window.
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