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Heredis 10.2

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Heredis 10.2.3 is a well-designed genealogy application that takes advantage of Apple’s iApps, has 10 customizable fields, and makes easy work of collecting and organizing data about your family. Heredis also allows you to collect and integrate multimedia files such as audio or video of your relatives.

Like iFamily for Tiger (   ), Heredis places all family information at your fingertips by assembling your data in a single window. This window focuses on one individual in your database, allowing you to view detailed information about the selected person’s birth, death, parents, spouse(s), and children. A button in the upper-left-hand corner of the window allows you to quickly jump through this person’s direct relationships, making it easy to gain perspective on how this he or she is related to others in your database. You use this same window to add or edit details about your family member. You can also configure the program to automatically save any of the changes you make to your data.

The program adds events to your iCal calendar, offers options for collecting contact information for all of your living relatives—including e-mail and Web addresses—and allows you to add photos from your iPhoto library to your database. Unfortunately, adding photos isn’t as easy as one might like. While programs such as iFamily for Tiger allow you to view and select the photos in your library without having to open iPhoto, with Heredis you have to launch iPhoto and then drag the photos you want into the main window. The program also includes a unique 3-D family tree viewer; although this augments the program’s coolness factor, it does little to add real value to the software.

Like almost every other genealogy program we’ve reviewed recently, Heredis is very limited in supporting LDS (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) ordinances, handling only baptism, confirmation, endowment, and parental links. It would be possible, though not optimal, to enter the missing LDS ordinances using one of the program’s customizable fields.

Heredis also can import data saved as GEDCOM files, a standard among genealogy programs, and easily handled my test file with well over 1,000 records. In addition, the program will find and merge duplicate entries in your database—a valuable, time-saving feature.

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Heredis 10.2.3 is a well-designed and versatile genealogy program. While its iPhoto integration and support for LDS ordinances is weak, Heredis is very good at gathering and maintaining your family history.

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Heredis allows you to view and edit a variety of information from a single window.
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