The Sims Pet Stories coming to Mac in Sept.

Aspyr Media announced Wednesday that The Sims Pet Stories will be released for the Mac in September, 2007. The stand-alone game designed for Sims fans will cost $29.99.

The Sims Pet Stories lets you train, play with and take care of cats and dogs owned by your Sims. You have to do your best to keep them happy in one of two different story lines in the directed Story mode, winning challenges as you help the pets compete in a local pet show. There is also an open-ended Freeplay mode, in which you create the Sims and their pets, design their homes and teach the pets tricks.

The Sims Pet Stories is the second The Sims Stories game (the first was The Sims Life Stories). They’re completely separate from the full Sims 2 game and the various add-ons published for it; they’re designed to be more “laptop-friendly” by not requiring as high system demands, offering a more tailored and focused experience.

Unlike The Sims, which was developed for the PC by Maxis and later ported to the Mac by Aspyr, The Sims Life Stories and The Sims Pet Stories have been developed by Aspyr Media for EA; Aspyr then publishes the Mac version itself.

This story, "The Sims Pet Stories coming to Mac in Sept." was originally published by PCWorld.

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