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Gems favorites: Andy Ihnatko

Andy Ihnatko, technology columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times :

FlickrExport for iPhoto (   )

This plug-in provides seamless integration between my photo library and the service that lets me share my pics with the world—a no-brainer for any enthusiastic snapper.

Salling Clicker (   )

For God’s sake, Apple, write this man a check. A Bluetooth phone is the one device that you have with you at all times. Who wouldn’t want to always have the ability to control and communicate with his or her Mac?

SmartReporter (   )

I’ve had this installed in my menu bar—and have been nervously eyeing it regularly—since the day three years ago when my PowerBook’s hard drive failed.

VLC media player (   )

I’m still thrilled and surprised that a program this good and handy is still free and still energetically updated. It’s a must-have, if only because it’s the easiest way to watch a DVD and still be able to make screen grabs.

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