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Rob Griffiths, Macworld senior editor and creator of

Butler (   )

This powerful tool does everything for me—launches programs, controls iTunes, creates navigable pop-up folders, runs AppleScripts, and even handles basic macros. It’s my one can’t-work-without-it utility.

Chax (   )

I have dozens of open chat windows most of the time, so Chax brings me order by adding a tabbed window to iChat. This essential iChat add-on also has built-in log and activity viewers.

Google Earth (   )

I used to take out my bike or car to measure routes that I like to run. Now I just use Google Earth’s path tool to get an accurate measurement without leaving the house. When I’m done, I can copy and paste the map of the route, and keep it for future use. (Oh, yeah—it’s also a great way to explore the planet.)

Keyword Assistant (   )

If you use keywords in iPhoto (and you should), Keyword Assistant makes it much easier to add, delete, and work with your keywords. It’s an essential add-on for high-volume users of keywords in iPhoto.

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