With a month of the iPhone now in the books, we thought we’d turn our attention to what we’ve learned after 30-plus days of putting Apple’s new mobile phone through its paces. Editorial director Jason Snell leads a round-table discussion with our team of iPhone bloggers—senior news editor Jonathan Seff, associate editor Dan Moren, and senior editors Dan Frakes and Rob Griffiths—covering their experiences with the iPhone over the last month. They also talk about what’s surprised them—in a good way—and what their top iPhone annoyances.

Before that discussion, however, I weigh in with a round-up of the latest Mac news, including Apple’s quarterly earnings and next Tuesday’s Mac-focused press briefing at its Cupertino headquarters.

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Show Notes

I mention Jason Snell’s commentary on what turned out to be Apple’s best-quarter ever for Mac sales. I also reference my own blog post on how the initial iPhone sales aren’t as disappointing as some analysts believe.

I do some speculating on what Apple might have in store next Tuesday during its press briefing, which I expand upon in this blog post.

On the iPhone front, we posted some of the changes and enhancements we’d like to see in future versions of the iPhone. Dan Frakes is expanding upon that article in posts on iPhone hardware and interface over at iPhone Central.

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