Mac 911 - Sept. 2007

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Bug: Zinio Reader rejection

If you use the Zinio reader to subscribe to digital versions of magazines, you may find that it refuses to open or download your issues after you transfer your data to a new Mac or restore a hard drive. To fix this, delete the Zinio application and a trio of files located in your user folder /Library/Preferences: ContentGuard, com.zinio.reader.plist, and Zinio.plist. Be sure to empty the Trash after putting the files there. Finally, reinstall Zinio Reader, and the application should once again see you as a valid subscriber.

Bug: HelpMate won’t help

Mac HelpMate 2.0 (free), from Most Training & Consulting, is a top-notch utility offering dozens of performance-enhancing and troubleshooting features. But the program can’t help much if it refuses to open—which can happen after you update to a new version. Upon launching, the program may display a “preference conflict detected” error message that asks whether you want to reset the preferences, but clicking on Yes here doesn’t seem to solve the problem. Instead, go to your user folder / Library/Preferences and remove the com.most.mhm.plist file yourself. The program should now launch successfully.

Bug: Google Desktop slowdown

When it comes to helping you search your computer for just the right file, the free Google Desktop (   ) is a worthy competitor to Mac OS X’s Spotlight. But in some cases, its excessive CPU usage can slow a Mac’s performance to a crawl. If you’re having that problem, use the Google Updater application (in /Applications) to uninstall the software. You’ll have to wait for Google to release a fix before you reinstall it.

Fix: QuickTime 7.1.6 hassles

Updating to QuickTime 7.1.6 may break the ability of the free Microsoft Windows Media Components for QuickTime (also known as the Flip4Mac WMV Player) to play movies in a Web browser. Updating to the most recent version (2.1.1 or later) should fix this). Even after updating, you may need to reboot your Mac before movies will play.

The same QuickTime update can also break Safari’s ability to play Flash content. If you encounter that problem, the workaround is to open the QuickTime preference pane, go to the Advanced tab, and click on MIME Settings. Find Miscellaneous in the list, and click on the disclosure triangle next to it to reveal the Flash Media subitem. If it’s enabled, click on the check box to deselect it.— Ted Landau

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